GEST is a gamified educational system that adopts Blockchain concepts such as proof of work (PoW), mining and the gamification concepts to create an engaging environment for students to complete course work, assignments and tasks. The students get rewarded based on their activities on GEST platform by receiving some amount of coin to their wallets. Furthermore, the modular design of GEST will enable other creative teams to create custom games, websites, etc. using our APIs based on their needs. GEST will use currently existing platforms such as the Stellar Network for creation of assets and the rest of the operations would be done in an off-chain manner.

To overview the high-level design of the system we could say there are three main parts to this project where the first is the underlying blockchain platform used to store rewards as defined assets, then the second is the Learning Management System which acts as an interface for users to use the system. The last but not the least is the API and Plugins part which is definitely the most important part. Given a modular design for the system one can use the underlying blockchain network to create his own customized applications, websites and games that connect to the LMS through these APIs for the use in the class’s educational activities. For instance, one can create a mobile application for teaching students how to create flowcharts that also includes gamification elements for more engagement and it can use defined assets on the blockchain for the applications rewarding system.

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